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      Well believe it or not you've ended up on my website which I had planned to do for were I live i.e. West Dorset, having registered the domain, just weeks later I became quite ill with a severe back problem, which due to waiting near on a year for treatment took its toll, I ended up in severe pain and literally housebound for eight months.

After waiting for near on a year for the operation, this was carried out at New Hall Hospital near Salisbury this a private hospital contracted to do work for the NHS, l woke up after the operation to be told some thing had gone wrong but it had been fixed?

Not so, within in less than 24 hours I was rushed by ambulance to Salisbury's main hospital only to told be told there that my life was in danger and that if I did not have another operation on my back to repair the damage as a result of the first operation carried out at New Hall Hospital the chances were that I would die in a matter of days, and that even if I agreed to having the operation it was still going to be touch and go, when I woke up after that operation I had the added bonus of being told I terminal cancer.

Cancer it has habit of finding any weakness in ones body and away it goes, Any medical problem ignored or left long enough and untreated has a dramatic effect on ones health and overall well being, due the cuts with the NHS there are fact millions who are waiting for treatment who can vouch for that all day long.

I hope my comments on this website make whoever reads them think a bit and at the same time think yes this is a great country but yes I agree things should be better, which can only come about by more and more people believing in the simple fact that yes you can make a difference if you stand up and do some thing about it.

In most cases who you vote for is the most important thing you will ever do to ensure that things improve, the problem with that is in near on in all cases even in that we have little choice in the people who are put forward for us to vote for.

Personally I think we are in a dire state with near on everything hanging in there by a thread not helped by the fact that daily we are mislead and lied to by the same people and institutions who claim to care about us all and our country, which I feel in most cases is not the case at all.

I pray we get to leave the EU in a way which will once again give us back our respect in that it will enable us all to prosper and be once again the country as I once knew it to be that of Great Britain.

I am in fact a keen photographer and over the years have taken thousands of pictures which I had hoped to carry on doing here in West Dorset, to show people what a wonderful part of the country West Dorset is and how wonderful the people are that live here, however due to the cancer and all the problems it brings with it I am unable to.

So what I plan to do now is stick some of my old pictures on here of places that my Wife and love, plus other topics which I've been interested in which no doubt will not please everyone but then one cannot please everyone all of the time.

It's mid November 2019 we will see how I get on, Hoping to get a bone marrow transplant, which while it will not cure the cancer it will hopefully keep me alive for a couple of years with any luck. I will add stuff on here when and if able to, please come back now and then for an update.

Hope the website makes you think and also hope my pictures bring you some joy.

All the best to you all.

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