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I take a great interest in numerous things especially the way in which our country is adminsterd, an interest which has grown over the last twenty years or so due mainly to continuing incompetence which I find unforgivable. No doubt not everyone will agree with my views nor do I expect them to.

I hope my comments make whoever reads them think a bit and at the same time think yes this is a great country but yes I agree things should be better, which can only come about by more and more people believing in the simple fact that yes you can make a difference if you stand up and say this is not good enough.

In most cases who you vote for is the most important thing you will ever do to ensure that things improve the problem with that is in near on in all cases even in that we have little choice in the people who are put forward for us to vote for. Personally I think we are in a dire state with near on everything hanging in there by a thread not helped by the fact that daily we mislead and lied to by the same people and institutions who claim to care about us all and our country.

I pray we get to leave the EU in a way which will once again give us back our respect in that it will enable us all to prosper and be once again the country as I was knew it to be that of Great Britain.

My intentions for this website was in fact to show people what a wonderfull part of the country West Dorset is, however due to servere problems with my back I've been near on house bound for what is now approching a year. Like millions in fact! yes its millions I am waiting for treatment from the NHS and until that happens there is little I  can do about.
Please have a read of my comments, thanks.
Goodbye What Was Once Great Britain. 
NHS, And Clinical Commissioning Groups. or as they are know CCG's