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Today, bureaucracy is a common word used to describe the administrative system governing any large institution, be it Government or a publicly owned or privately owned body. Bureaucracy years ago was the word used to describe the body of non-elected government officials and administrators staffed with non-elected officials or to you and I the likes of our civil service.  

Since being coined, the word bureaucracy has developed negative connotations or again to you and I bad press. Bureaucracies have been criticized as being inefficient, convoluted, or too inflexible to individuals. Not counting the dehumanizing effects of excessive bureaucracy can have on both a nation and us all as individuals, this fact has been used by many politicians in their political campaigns, and despite there so called concern while trying to convince us to vote for them little has changed in politics and or in the way we go about administration of governing bodies in the so called free world. 

There are huge advantages in bureaucracy, it can and is used daily to keep control of masses of people. Not counting the fact that bureaucracy can hide the truth, it can hide behind itself to create a wall of near on impregnable administration which most of us as individuals are unable to understand let alone have the ability to question.   

Another advantage is that it creates huge employment and financial opportunities, mostly for the individuals who work with in the hierarchy of such establishments. This again is seen by many as a form of dictatorship and repression and little else. 

On the opposite site of the spectrum, businesses nowadays see the elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy as a key concept in modern managerial administration and major key in running any business as bureaucracy brings with it added administration and higher costs and less profit.  

The worst thing by far about bureaucracy is that it can become so huge and so complexed and so inefficient that the end result is total meltdown of the body it is supposedly there to administer and manage.  

A result which is common and can be seen all around us, for which we as individuals pay the price for, be it in our education, independence, freedom, health, welfare and overall opportunities in life.