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Welcome To Hell
I first published this online on Tuesday 24th November 2015, little has changed, except for the waffle, read and weep.
In the past, every great nation or civilization has either fallen by corruption from within or was altered forever by foreign migration, ring any bells?
Over 65 years ago now the English author George Orwell published what was then a futuristic novel called 1984. The novel is about the world heading into irreversible oblivion?  
It's set in Airstrip One (what was formerly known as Great Britain) a province of the "Super state" Oceania in a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism under the control of a "privileged elite of the Inner Party" that persecutes individualism and independent thinking as a "thoughtcrime".
Our "Superstate" is in fact the European Union? New laws, government surveillance and public manipulation, the same near on word for word as in the novel 1984, this has taken over from what was once the most admired free democracy in the world! Currently our so called "privileged elite of the Inner Party" are in fact our politicians and others in our society who make the decisions on a day to day basis on how our society will function and how we who were once individuals will live with in it.
Hidden from us is the truth, hidden from us is what effect all this is going to have on our future. If that is anyone really knows what that is? Reading George Orwell’s novel 1984 may give you some idea.
In 2010 John Pilger the world famous journalist stated "In Britain, there is no need for tanks on the streets. In its managerial indifference to the freedoms which it is said to hold dear, Britain has allowed Parliament to create a surveillance state with 3,000 new criminal offences and laws: more than for the whole of the previous century. Powers of arrest and detention have never been greater" and that was five years ago?
To give you some idea on how this works, here in fact is the bitter truth and I mean the bitter truth, including figures that you will never see published in any newspaper or on your television?
As the true severity of the so called austerity measures of the government are becoming known, no doubt like me many of you are shocked at some if not all of the proposals? The results of which will mean a huge loss in the number of our public services that in turn will effect us all, including the poor and the disadvantaged in life.
They will effect our every day life no matter who you are (Well near on everyone?) the proposed cuts will as a result cut our public spending down the equivalent of our spending at world war two levels? Which up until now were the lowest ever recorded.
Austerity measures we are told, is because we need to repay our debts? Our country's debts over the last few years or so are the highest they have ever been? Even after the Second World War we did not have the equivalent debt that we have now.
What I find quite incredible is that most of the people telling us we have to repay our debts and suffer as a result are in fact the same people who are responsible for them in the first place, the same people who I may add are not suffering from the so called "austerity measures" at all, not one little bit? As most of us know we are not "all in it together" are we?
Again as all previous governments have done, the blame for all our wows is always firmly placed on the other party that was in power or other issues, in my life time I have never know any government or politician to take any responsibility for any of there wrong doings let alone there lies and whatever, this in turn has been allowed to blossom to most of our public services and beyond, nowadays near on no one is held accountable for anything, even down to the welfare of our children.
No one has ever been held accountable for our countries so called child migration scheme? This so called scheme carried on until the early 1970s, resulted in thousands of British children -- many orphans, others taken by social workers from broken homes -- were packed onto ships bound for Australia and beyond. Promised "oranges and sunshine" many children instead endured terrible abuse while at the same time being forced to work in workhouses as virtual slaves.
Children were often told their parents had died, parents who had been having difficulties looking after their children which as a result had their children taken away, were told their children had been placed for adoption elsewhere in the UK for "a better life"
It is still not know how many of our children were treated in this way, over the years numbers of over 100,000 children are believed to have been forcibly resettled under the so called scheme.
Incredible it might be but the idea behind the scheme was to cut the cost of looking after our poor and vulnerable children, an idea much like the austerity measures of today in fact? Which again will have a drastic effect on both the poor and the vulnerable including yet again a number of children in our country, nothing new then?
Our current wows as I call them are in fact due to a number of issues most of which, in fact all of which were and are quite predictable to anyone with a bit of common sense in my view?
Yet the continued cycle of Wow's carries on and on and on, do we never learn? This has been the case to my knowledge for over thirty years or more, the result of which is where we are today.
Our open borders with Europe has allowed near on any fruit cake to come in to our country and do whatever? Cuts to our defense budgets have made us a laughing stock throughout the world.
Little wonder, we have new aircraft carriers sat there with no aircraft for them for at least another eight to ten years? No maritime patrol aircraft to patrol and protect our shores, Cuts in personal in all our armed forces, all of which makes a complete and utter farce of us defending our country and our people with in it. No doubt it’s just of matter of time before yet again we see more our people butchered in our streets by terrorists.
And today David Cameron the latest leader of our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" wants to bomb parts of Syria, The fact that there are currently so many doing so already it’s doubtful if there is any targets left to bomb? And that’s the truth. But it sounds so convincing, and it looks great in the news and on TV?
I would suggest our Mr. Cameron looks at securing our own borders and protecting our own people first, before yet again sending what little of our armed forces we have left the other side of the world, as no doubt we all know there many amongst us who wish to do us harm.
We need to put our own house in order first, we need to protect and look after our own first and foremost and make them secure as we can, it’s the governments duty to do so to protect its people? Then is not the time to help others?
You need huge resources to help others, and if you don’t have them, which we don’t? all you do then is to increase the opportunity and the threat to yourselves! Any defence professional will tell you the same thing?
If all that was not bad enough now there are going be further cuts to our police forces which no doubt everyone from your everyday petty criminal to the rest of the fruit cakes will be looking forward to with glee.
No forgetting our public services being cut to the bone, our beloved NHS is in meltdown, cancer patients waiting for treatment and whatever, all resulting no doubt in hundreds if not thousands of people dying prematurely, in fact if we have a really bad winter and a flu epidemic I would not be surprised if they start putting tents up in hospital car parks for the patients.
Despite spin words like bed blocking from our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" and those with the hierarchy of the NHS not forgetting the media, most fail to mention that from 1997 to date we have lost over 50,000 hospital beds in Britain? Not counting the effect the huge increases in the numbers of people now living here or not as may be the case that have access to our NHS have had on it.  
All this no doubt is going to have an effect on the people of this country, especially as I said previously the poor and the disadvantaged in life not counting our elderly, most of whom worked all there lives and paid there dues.
Many of our youth who are out of work have little or no prospects, not counting the facts that huge numbers of them are living in poverty?
Over three million people in our country (YES OVER THREE MILLION PEOPLE!) are on housing waiting lists, three million people desperate for a reasonable and affordable place in which to live in?
This is not counting the millions who don't bother putting themselves on such a waiting list as they know they have not a hope in hell of getting a home through them? As a result it is estimated that in Britain there are over eight million people who are desperate for a reasonable and affordable place in which to live in?
Current housing benefit costs are at a all time high, this despite all the hype from both the past coalition and our current government in trying to cut the costs (How dare the poor and disadvantaged have a spare bedroom?) currently the cost of housing benefits is twenty five billion pounds per year, another record and all time high and growing?
Not forgetting the gap between the rich and poor is again at an all time high? Inequality it seems is of little consequence in our country nowadays, in fact its encouraged by Government?
But hold on a minuet, David Cameron the latest leader of our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" tells us that we have record numbers in work? And that the number out of work are at an all time low? That our country is on the up? Wages are on the increase? And so and so on, it always sounds fantastic don't you agree?
We all know our population has expanded again in record numbers and so in theory should the numbers in work?
In fact we were told only on the 11th November 2015 that the proportion of people aged from 16 to 64 in work was 73.4%, the highest since comparable records began in 1971? (or so we are told?) Again sounds fantastic? David Cameron the latest leader of our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" is doing such a fantastic job? I wish!
Well what no one is told you nor will you see it in any newspaper or hear it on TV is the following set of figures:
The UK total population is today roughly 65,000,000 (That we know of?) of that number only 47% work? (That we know of?) of that 47%, 13% of them work part time? Leaving just 34% of our total population in full time work?
Which means a staggering 53% of our population are not working? Which means more than 5 out of every 10 people are not in work?
And that less than 4 out of every 10 people in the UK are in fact in full time work? Frightening don't you agree?
Less than 4 out of every 10 people in our country are in full time work, it’s incredible, but it’s true?
(Note: I have not allowed for pensioners over 65 who work in this set of figures, nor does the government either?)
Again no one can hide the fact that near on 700,000 of our 16 to 24 year olds are out of work with little or near on zero prospects, nor can they hide the zero hour contracts, nor can they hide the millions in part time work that are in fact looking for full time work.
In our so called "Superstate" the "The European Union" again the figures of unemployed 16 to 24 year olds are horrendous, Greece 53.7%, Spain 49.2%, Italy 44.2%, Croatia 43.1%, Cyprus 31.7%, Portugal 31.6% and so on, Germany has the lowest youth unemployment figure in Europe, no surprise there?
So much for the so called success of the "The European Union Superstate" A Superstate who have been unable for years to sign off on its own financial accounts, due to its incompetence in running its own financial affairs, which is plighted by both corruption and greed and little else. Billions are unaccountable for and have gone missing?
The number of foreigners working in the British workforce has more than doubled since 1997, with half of them hailing from Eastern European countries. In 1997 there were just 1.9 million foreign-born workers, equivalent to one in thirteen. The influx means that there are now 4.9 million foreigners working in the UK, equivalent to one in six workers.
With near on five million foreign workers in our country I don't care what anyone has to say on the subject it's bound to have a negative effect on our own work force and our country. After reading "The British Dream by David Goodhart" a couple of years ago a book which deals with the successes and failures of post-war immigration, anyone reading it would have to agree immigration has not been for the good for everyone in our country. The debate on this subject is never ending.
In turn looking at the huge and unmountable problems in Sweden currently, this a country who prided it's self on it's ability of dealing with mass immigration, Sweden is a cautionary tale for anyone who believes that Europe is capable of assimilating the hundreds of thousands if not millions of refugees and migrants who are currently besieging the "The European Union Superstate".
The argument that these people are vital to boost the economy – that they will magically create economic growth and bail out both us and the "The European Union Superstate" is a complete and utter farce.
In Sweden 58% of welfare payments go to immigrants, The once homogenous population has been forever altered by a rapid and massive addition of people from vastly different cultures and value-systems. 26,8% of the population is now foreign-born or with at least one foreign-born parent, 42% of the long-term unemployed are immigrants. The majority of people charged with murder, rape and robbery are either first- or second-generation immigrants. Since the immigrant influx, Sweden’s rape crimes have gone up by 1400% . A recent report stated that in less than ten years Sweden’s people will in fact be the minority in their own country? A frightening prospect in my mind.
Yet we are told daily by David Cameron of our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" and by most of the media I may add that "all this is good for our country" If anyone considers all that I have stated as "being good for the country" and for the good of the people in it then in my mind they need there head examined, do you?
So how did we get here, the answers to that are quite simple, this countries governments both past and present have been and are totally incompetent in every thing that they have done and do near on? They have not a bloody clue as to what they are doing what so ever?
But saying that they seem more than capable of looking after themselves? And more than capable at manipulating us? Funny that?
In my mind every MP both past and present over the last 30 years needs to hang there head in shame for the state that we find ourselves in today. I often tell people if it was up to me every one of them both past and present over the last 30 years would arrested and charged with treason.
Most MP's take or supposedly are advised to take advice on all there decisions, yet despite that, many of the decisions taken have turned out to be have been wrong over the long term. And we never seem to learn from our mistakes ever!
Take our financial wows? In 1995 some 20 years ago now, Barings Bank the English merchant bank based in London collapsed, Founded way back in 1762 no less, this at the time was the second oldest merchant bank in the world?
The bank collapsed after suffering losses of £827 million resulting from poor speculative investments, primarily in futures contracts, conducted by the trader Nick Leeson working in the banks office in Singapore? Does all this ring a bell?
In December of 2014 the world famous journalist John Pilger stated:
Why are millions of people in Britain persuaded that a collective punishment called "austerity" is necessary? Following the economic crash in 2008, a rotten system was exposed. For a split second the banks were lined up as crooks with obligations to the public they had betrayed.
But within a few months - apart from a few stones lobbed over excessive corporate "bonuses" - the message changed. The mugshots of guilty bankers vanished from the tabloids and something called "austerity" became the burden of millions of ordinary people, mostly the poor and those who were not in the position to answer back. Was there ever a sleight of hand as brazen?
Today, many of the premises of civilized life in Britain are being dismantled in order to pay back a fraudulent debt - the debt of crooks. The "austerity" cuts are said to be £83 billion. That's almost exactly the amount of tax avoided by the same banks and by corporations like Amazon and Murdoch's News UK. Moreover, the crooked banks are given an annual subsidy of £100bn in free insurance and guarantees - a figure that would near on fund the entire National Health Service.
The economic crisis is pure propaganda. Extreme policies now rule Britain, the United States, much of Europe, Canada and Australia. Who is standing up for the majority? Who is telling their story? Who's keeping record straight? Isn't that what journalists are meant to do?
Back to me now!
When Barings Bank collapsed back in 1995 it was the wake up call to both our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" and our financial sector to get there act together to ensure that regulations were put in place to protect both our financial institutions and the public from financial ruin in future? Did it happen? No?
(Even today after the 2008 financial collapse what is now seven years on, believe it or not the regulations are still not in place to stop it happening again?)
So for many, the world wide 2008 financial collapse was of no surprise at all? nor no doubt was the resulting bail out of most of our major banks in this country by our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party's" government and the people of this country, well some of the people? Mostly the poor and the ordinary person in the street, in fact as always they are the ones who truly pay the bill for our continuing governments incompetence.
As a result of the financial crash in 2008 so ended our income from what was finally proven beyond any doubt what so ever to be a truly greed ridden and corrupt financial sector, the results of which seven years on we have yet to address, as John Pilger stated "Today, many of the premises of civilized life in Britain are being dismantled in order to pay back a fraudulent debt - the debt of crooks" no truer word has been said.
Here in Britain all the family silver has long gone, near on everything that can be sold has been sold by government after government, the funds raised supposedly for the good of our country, has been squandered by government after government in an attempt try and hide their incompetence.
It’s got so bad that now we are even selling the future income from our own people, the recent deal for both China and France to build us a power station is just that? We are going to have to pay three times the current rate for the electricity from it? This we are informed by David Cameron of our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" is a great deal for the country? I very much doubt David Cameron would know “a great deal” if it jumped up and bit him in the arse. This the man who is supposedly negotiating on our behalf in Europe, God help us is all I can say to that!
It's no surprise as always that the wealthy have profited from the financial crash in 2008, property prices fell at alarming rates as did share prices and whatever, those wealthy enough to take advantage of them have again made huge and spectacular profits and gains as a result.
As no doubt you know many have spoken and written on how to address the issues caused by both the 2008 financial collapse and our governments incompetence, and even today the debate carries on this time over how the cuts to family credit will effect a number of people in our country, tomorrow it will be some thing else, as the cuts bite, the lists in fact are going to be endless!
No matter what is said the bottom line is "you can only cut your cloth according to your income" end off. Our countries income is generated by taxes again end off, in theory the more people in work the more income you should have? Note the in theory! low paid jobs don't provide good income for the taxman and the government, but still employment is the major key to any countries economy (Yes there some rare exceptions to this basic rule but overall this still stands)
For over twenty five years or more, one of the most if not the most successful country in the world has been Germany who unlike us fully supported it's industry and who at the same time made sure they invested not only in it's industry but also in both it's education and the training of it's work force, which as a result has given Germany the reputation of producing some of the best quality products in the world today.
This again is not news, nor was there success news, yet one thing about it was very important, Germanys work force were well trained and well paid compared to ours? Their standard of living was far better than ours.
Despite Germanys success, here we did nothing to follow there lead and again even today we take little note of what others are doing or how they have attained success, why this is so I have not a clue as we need to desperately?
In my mind here we do nothing or very little to address such issues, again the education of our children has near on carried on the same way for over 50 years (please don't tell me I am wrong! I am not!) Why do I say that? the reason is simple we send our children to school or were ever and they leave at the end of it with either good on paper qualifications or so they should be or not to bad on paper qualifications or dam right no qualifications or what ever?
None, near on leave our education establishments with a job offer in place or the skills to enable them to make there way in life nowadays? Why not I ask? Every single person that leaves our education establishments should in my view have the modern day skills that are needed in our workplace today? and they should have the opportunity to start work or an apprenticeship!
Why do we spend billions on education knowing that this is not the case? We can do it? We have the people and the skills to achieve this yet we don't! Why not? If we had we would have no so called "skill shortage" (this a term that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up)
While the costs are debatable (personally I cannot see the costs being any higher currently than what we spend on education now) the long term benefits to our country and its people are huge both socially and financially? Giving every one of our children an education and the skills that will enable them to stand on there own two feet in life is what we should be doing? It's a no brainer?
Good Education, a highly skilled work force, not forgetting opportunities are again the basic back bone of any decent and successful society?
Every man and women should have the opportunity in life to stand on there own to feet? Yet for over 30 years to my knowledge we in this country have done very little to help to accomplish that aim? Why on earth not? Had we done so we again would not be in the situation we are today would we? Mind you with governments like ours that too is debatable!
Note a heading! Wow! It must be Important then?
Employment as I have said is the be and end all of every thing, being employed gives near on every individual the ability to stand on there own two feet or should do, employment brings reward for ones effort which in turn gives the individual choices and opportunities, it gives them hope for the future, the opportunity to plan and look ahead, take that away from anyone and you leave them with nothing, no self-esteem, no pride, nothing but resentment and anger? And you don't have to look far to see the results of that nowadays do you? It’s a lesson we need to learn from rapidly.
To be employed first of all there needs to be job vacancies and every individual should have as I said the skill base to fill those vacancies, all employment vacancies should pay a living wage or more, end off.
The job of any government is to encourage and promote both job creation and business, while at the same time ensuring that every business be it corporate of whatever meets there social obligations to the society and country that they are trading and or are doing business in, which in turn has given them profit by paying a fair and honest amount of tax on that profit, there needs to be some from of reward in that tax for the numbers of people that they in turn employee full time, (note full time!) thus encouraging and hopefully creating more full time jobs which are so desperately needed by one and all?
Any corporate or business or whoever that refuses to pay such tax or try's to avoid such tax, there owners, executives, board members or who ever should be arrested for it and have all there assets stripped from them.
All businesses in the UK should be made to understand that you have to pay people who work for you a living wage and no longer can the government subsidize the people that they employee by part paying the wages of their staff through benefits.
No doubt many will complain stating they cannot afford to, yet how many really cannot afford it? I know one such company whose owner is worth billions yet he pays his staff the minimum wage and boasts of the fact?   
Outright greed which has negative impacts on society as a whole should carry no reward at all, far from it, it should be discouraged as much as possible, greed needs to be seen as what it is, an evil.    
Those who are fortunate enough and able enough to earn huge sums of money need to understand that the country will be a far better place if they in turn pay a fair sum in tax in reflection of there huge incomes. And by doing so it will in turn make it a far better place for them to both live in and to do business in, which in turn profits one and all, including them.
A lot of really rich people pay little tax in comparison to their wealth, and some try there damnedest not to, in some cases some of them pay none what so ever, most in fact pay far less in comparison to the average ordinary person in the street, this is totally unacceptable in my mind, have they no shame in there greed?
No Government should help and encourage such behaviour it's totally wrong, yet they do worldwide? It should be written in blood that if you live or even just own a property and or a business in whatever country that you have a social obligation to society to pay them your dues end off.
A new Queens award should be awarded to both individuals and or businesses that not only employ people in our country but to those who are as a result are having a positive social impact on the people that they employee and on our society in general.
In my life time no Government here has been successful in creating what I call proper decent and reasonable paid jobs, not one? Government after Government after Government have tired, well some have tried but all have failed, but they have been successful in making the unemployed update there so called CV's and then filling out endless job applications (which in a majority of cases they had not a hope in hell of obtaining?) time after time after time and little else, not forgetting the so called work schemes which has been proven in a majority of cases to be a complete and utter farce! (Would not be surprised to hear David Cameron of our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" proposing work houses next?)  
Through out this time the shift from companies and businesses paying people to work full time to part time employment has been huge, as far more profit could be obtained by employing part time staff than full time staff? No counting the fact that again Government after Government after Government were in fact topping up part time and full time workers pay with huge benefits? Hence a huge number of employers jumping on the benefit band wagon allowing the government to part pay their staff in order to maximize their profit margins at the cost of us all.
Now a new form of employment is taking hold in our country zero hour contracts? Which means in fact you employee no one except when ever? This in fact goes back to the London dock days in my Grandfathers days? In the days of extreme poverty along with slums and severe deprivation? Which is where we are heading right now!  
You only have to look at our towns and cities to see that, boarded up shops and premises are now the norm, every other shop on our high street seems to be a betting shop, or a payday loan outlet, come pawn brokers or whatever not forgetting the charity shops and the one pound outlets? No our streets are not paved in gold, but in the homeless and the unemployed and the poor, not forgetting the forever growing number of food banks throughout the country. And  David Cameron has the balls to say  "all this is good for our country" the mans a bloody idiot.
Up until the financial crash of 2008 not one Government really cared about such matters as both the benefit bill and that of our NHS and other welfare costs were in fact being paid for by the taxes generated by the financial sector? This in turn is why they were left well alone, with little and near on no regulation.  
As a result of the financial crash in 2008 so ended our income from what was by now a truly greed ridden and corrupt financial sector, the results of which seven years on we have still yet to address, as John Pilger stated "Today, many of the premises of civilized life in Britain are being dismantled in order to pay back a fraudulent debt - the debt of crooks"
Here in Britain all the family silver has been sold, near on everything that can be sold has been sold by government after government all of which has raised billions supposedly for the good of our country? Yet it has been squandered by each government in turn, who have used the billions to try and hide their incompetence and cover the counties debts which they themselves incurred.
As the world becomes for ever smaller and the need for labor be it cheap or whatever declines due to automation in producing whatever, we need to adapt and adapt quite rapidly to meet those challenges, like now? yet despite those facts there will always be the need for a huge number of skilled and semi skilled people here in Britain who currently we seem to employ from every other country except our own? one in six jobs in fact is taken up by a foreign workers here in the Britain nowadays.
Quotes of "well our people they don't want to work do they?" or "Your better off employing an immigrant than someone born here as they work harder" is common? I don't believe it personally and never have done. I do however believe that our nation’s skill base is at an all time low due to as I have stated before poor education and lack of interest from our politicians. I also believe it’s been far cheaper to employee a foreign worker than our own most of the time?
Back home we need to give our workforce a better skill base, long term it will create more jobs, given the skills as a result we again would have more plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, welders, engineers, motor mechanics, in fact there are hundreds of skills which we no longer teach in the numbers like we used to? Given such skills would enable any individual to stand on there own two feet in life? There will always be the need for such skills?
Throughout the building work for the 2012 Olympics huge numbers of skilled people came to Britain to carry out the work as we did not have enough skilled people of our own to fill such vacancies, even now as I stated previously we know there is a so called skill shortage through out our country yet our Government does nothing? Last year was the lowest year ever for the number of apprentices taken on here?
Job creation yes, is extremely difficult, but not impossible, but it takes a lot of thought and a long term plan is the only answer, short term fixes such as paying businesses bonuses to take people on and or giving companies cash incentives from our limited funds or whatever is not long term in my view. As I keep stating education plays a vital role in job creation.
The sort of job creation is paramount in any plan, despite whatever our "Privileged Elite Of The Inner Party" may tell us, creating say 1000 low paid jobs is of little real benefit to anyone really, yes it's work but that type of work is readably available anyway.
We need to create jobs that pay better than that, that truly are long term, that give potential to both the people that are employed with in them and to the country. Germany has managed to do that, it’s been a power house in doing that, but not us?  
Personally I think the only way to address the issue is to sit down and say yes this is what is needed in the work place nowadays and train our people for that, again the need to quickly adapt to meet such demands needs to be put in place, now with out delay.
Again we need to look at so called new technologies, we need to be a major player in the future? Britain was once a country that lead the world in the industry revolution, a country that excelled in new innovations, we need to get that back along with motivation, we need to get back the belief in ourselves as a nation. Can it be done? As the competition nowadays is beyond any that we have faced before? I think we can, I think with proper leadership near on anything is achievable, the problem is, it’s the proper leadership we don’t have, it’s been our failure for at least the last thirty years or more.
Plus who really gives a dam? Most don’t? Most are more than happy to contribute to our oblivion, in fact if you mentioned the words “irreversible oblivion” to most people they would probably think it was act on X Factor or whatever?
So sit back and watch as we rush towards our inevitable decline and oblivion, and enjoy the ride, it’s a going to be a ride in to hell!
25th November 2015.
So no cuts in working peoples tax credits or our police force budgets for now? I very much doubt that for a minuet, you wait and see. Now all of a sudden an extra 27 Billion pounds was found? or was it? This extra 27 billion was not as some have suggested found down the back of George Osborne's sofa but is supposedly coming from future tax income, which according to George Osborne is on the up? the only problem with that is this is the same man that told us that years ago now the called austerity measures would be well and truly over? This from the man who's every prediction has been proven to be a load of absolute dribble. And apparently his ambition is to become our next Prime Minister obviously being unable to understand how most of us live or how to run our countries finances makes him an ideal candidate then? But you can be sure of one thing with this man in charge of our finances it's not over by any means.
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